Business consulting, especially for production.
Business management software tools implementation.
Business processes optimization.
A reliable partner for overcoming business challenges.
BizConPro Ltd. helps small and medium businesses in defining and reaching their operational and strategic goals. We do this by modelling and reengineering your business processes, and applying suitable information tools and technologies. We are very much proud of our particular orientation towards production businesses and processes, and extensive experience we got in various production branches so far.

Since information tools and technologies are inevitable in today's business, BizConPro offers their implementation for timely and accurate data acquisition necessary for business planning and keeping track of reaching your goals. We can offer our services for implementation, maintenance and upgrades of integrated business management system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (successor to Navision ERP), with production machines and instruments integration. We're also implementing wireless warehouse management system (WMS).
· focused on small and medium businesses
· particular orientation towards production
· business processes modelling and optimization
· applying software tools to reach business goals more easily and monitor results 
· Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision ERP) integrated business system implementation and upgrades
· warehouse management system (WMS) implementations

Business consulting
Business consulting
Optimal business processes organization results in many positive effects: 
- accurate and timely stock tracking
- possibility to plan purchase and production more precisely 
- monitoring work efficiency 
- business costs reduction 
- data necessary for reporting and key information flow are delivered when they're needed
- decision making is based on reliable information 
- business processes integration 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP
Dyn365 Business Central
As an inevitable part of everyday's work, BizConPro implements information tools and technologies providing you with timely and accurate data needed for business planning and tracking goals. We're implementing, maintaining and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated business management system (successor to Navision ERP). We're connecting Business Central with your production machines and instruments, and also implementing wireless warehouse management system (WMS).
Since we're particularly oriented towards production businesses and processes, we're extremely proud of numerous production branches we came across so far. Our experience in production, application of industry specific solutions, as well as using proven best practice in production processes, comes from various production industries.

We do our job comprehensively and with excellence in quality.
Every business has its own story, problems and needs. During our cooperation, we will analyze all aspects of your business into detail, won't be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, carefully listen to what you wish for, encourage challenging your current business practice, and identify key steps in reaching your business goals. All this for one final outcome - improve your business.

Quality business consulting and processes implementation means more than adapting to your specifics demands, it also involves suggesting best practice to reach your goals. Using our experience, especially in production processes, we can redesign your current business practice or introduce a completely new one, which ensures all prerequisites to achieve your goals.

Modern IT tools and applications are today's necessity: circumstances are changing faster than ever, information flow is rapid and abundant. This means you can only react to market changes and demands fast enough by using dedicated systems for business management and by integrating all key elements of your business. BizConPro implements newest technologies and proven software solutions made by renowned vendors, which play key roles in successful business.
· detailed analysis of as-is and to-be situation
· current business practice redesign and/or implementing new business procedures
· extensive production experience
· implementing integrated business management systems and advanced technological solutions

Various production branches
Industry branches
We implemented proven solutions in large number of different production branches:
- low voltage cables and installation cords manufacturing 
- small and large electrical machines production 
- products made of metal sheets and steel 
- wood processing and wooden elements production 
- wooden and wood-based panels furniture production 
- textile industry (underwear, sleepwear and swimwear production, car carpets and seats upholstery) 
- jewelry production 
- meat processing and dried meat products 
- snacks, cookies and waffle production 
- printing and food packaging production 

Production optimization and tracking
We make it possible for production businesses to define and track all relevant metrics for production processes:
- machine load tracking 
- shop floor operations and consumption tracking 
- production planning and scheduling 
- centralized worksheet to plan and create purchase orders and production orders 
- finished product bill of material 
- production routing specification 
- production tracking (lot/batch number and/or serial number) 
- semi-finished and final product quality control 
- raw materials quality control 
Integration of devices and business processes, application of suitable technologies that make business simpler, faster and also improve it, are an integral part of today's business. BizConPro makes it possible to comprehensively integrate your business and avoid redundancy.
BizConPro vision
BizConPro Limited wants to become recognized for quality, comprehensive and timely business consulting, that brings continuous long-term growth to its clients.  
BizConPro d.o.o. makes it possible for small and medium European businesses, which are primarily involved with production, to create all necessary prerequisites for defining and tracking business goals, by optimizing business processes and using information technology.
Would you like to find out more? We'll be very glad to answer any questions you might have.

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