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Vision and mission

BizConPro d.o.o. Vision

BizConPro Limited wants to become recognized for quality, comprehensive and timely business consulting, that brings continuous long-term growth to its clients.

BizConPro d.o.o. Mission

Make it possible for small and medium European businesses, which are primarily involved with production, to create all necessary prerequisites for defining and monitoring business goals, by optimizing business processes and using information technology.

What we do 

  • detailed analysis of as-is and to-be situation

  • current business practice redesign and/or implementing new business procedures

  • implementing integrated business management systems and advanced technological solutions

  • business processes modelling and optimization

  • applying software tools to reach business goals more easily and monitor results

  • focus on small and medium-sized businesses

  • extensive experience with production processes

Particular orientation towards production companies

We make it possible for production businesses to define and monitor all relevant metrics for production processes:
- machine load monitoring
- shop floor operations monitoring
- centralized worksheet to plan and create purchase orders and production orders
- finished product bill of material
- production routing specification
- production tracking (lot/batch number and/or serial number)
- automated production documentation creation

What makes us different?

We do our job comprehensively and with excellence in quality.
Every business has its own story, problems and needs - we understand that. During our cooperation, we will analyze all aspects of your business into detail, won't be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, carefully listen to what you wish for, encourage challenging your current business practice, and identify key steps in reaching your business goals. All this for one final outcome - improve your business. We're not in this business for selling promises: we're looking for optimal solution for your business instead.

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