Business Central Navision ERP mala srednja poduzeća
Business Central ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated business management system. Manage your business using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Shop floor prijava rada. Prijava u pogonu. MES
Shop floor MES

Simple and intuitive app to keep track of production operation start, finish, stops and produced quantities. Comes with integrated manufacturing reports.

Power BI izvještaji izvještavanje izvještajni alat report
Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool. Simple company results overview and report customization. View reports using computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Business Central lokalizacija Hrvatska
Business Central localization package

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Croatian localization package makes it easy to work in accordance to Croatian laws and regulations.

Maloprodaja Business Central. Maloprodajni modul za Business Central. Business Central retail module
Business Central Retail module

We have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Retail module which seamlessly integrates retail sector and documents.

Proširenje Business Central za proizvodnju
Business Central Manufacturing add-on

Great Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing module add-on for automatic production order locations input. Download from Microsoft AppSource.

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