Simple shop floor production operations tracking management control log MES

Simple and intuitive shop floor operations tracking tool

What's this about?

Shop floor operations tracking doesn't have to be complicated. Using our MES app, you'll get all data needed for production operations monitoring in a fast and simple way.
MES (Manufacturing Execution System) app keeps track of time used on production activities (machine setup, run time, stops) and quantities produced for each production operation. Interface is very simple to use and adaptive, depending on current operation status.
App comes with predefined report set for easy production operations monitoring and prompt reactions in business processes management.

Simple interface

Data shown for selected operation is always up-to-date, and options available depend on current operation status.

Available on all devices and platforms

Use our MES app on computer, tablet or mobile phone, using Win or Android OS. Digitalize your production processes in a fast and simple manner.

Quick installation

MES app is ready to use in a few hours. Given its intuitive interface, there's no need for special operator training.

What MES app looks like?

Production operators log in MES app in three simple steps
Shop floor production finished quantity produced input MES simple login
1. Operator code input
2. Production operation input
3. Production machine on which operation is executed

MES app keeps track of each operator, production operation and machine using unique identifier. Log-in data input is fast and simple with use of barcode scanner.

Shop floor production run setup time input MES simple interface
Register activity

Operators register their activities for selected production operation in real time. If for some reason production operation needs to be stopped, stop reason is selected and e-mail notification can be sent automatically.

Shop floor operations MES production BI reports reporting tracking overview

MES app comes with ready-to-use reports to help you make prompt and correct decisions. You can use any of the following reports:
- overview of start and finish for each production operation activity (setup, run time, stops), by operator and machine
- overview of quantities produced, by operator, machine and operation
- comparison of each operation's planned and posted time for start and finish
- overview of production operations which are late, by machine
- overview of time and percentage for each activity (setup, run time, stops) in machine planned production time
- realization percentage calculation by operator and production operation
- realization percentage calculation by machine

Digitalize production and production processes
Digitalize production processes

MES app is a fast and simple way to eliminate papers, increase machine availability, control costs and gather data for efficient production processes management. App can easily be integrated with ERP systems or production operations/production orders database.
If you're looking for the first step in digital transformation of your business or want to start with complete information and processes integration - we're here for you.

How much will this cost me?

MES app

8.000 €

One-time payment

  • MES app installation and setup.
User licenses


Per user, per month

  • Maximum flexibility according to your current needs: you can change number of users each month.

3.000 €

Optional, one-time payment

  • Includes predefined report set, which uses MES app data as a datasource. Reports are made for Microsoft Power BI tool, and they include Power BI desktop functionalities.
  • Reports include machine time analysis for each activity, stops analysis for each stop reason,  detailed production operations overview (activity start/finish, posted quantity for each operator and machine), realization percentage by operator and operation, realization percentage by machine, overview of operation's planned and posted start/finish for each machine, overview of production operations which are late with planned start/finish.

Request demo

If you would like to try MES app or ask some questions, we're here for you.

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