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Autofill production order locations 

Create production documentation faster

With our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing module extension, you're able to define rules for automatic fill of locations on production order lines and production order components, for all production order status. Set the rules for locations autofill depending on item category in a few clicks.

Set the rules in a few clicks

Our production order autofill extension makes it possible to define Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central rules to populate locations on production orders of all status. This add-on is completely integrated with Business Central standard functionalities, like creating production orders from planning worksheet or sales order.

Business Central default production order locations add-on extension PO locations
All autofill rules are defined using single page. Production order locations are populated depending on item category when production order is created or refreshed. If you're using materials for one machine from multiple locations, you can easily define rules which fill different item component locations for the same production operation.
Component locations can also be defined depending on output location, which means you can pick different consumption locations for same item categories, based on production order line output location.
Furthermore, you can setup default location bins, to speed up production documentation creation even more.

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