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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system

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Centralize decision making data using Microsoft ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, successor to Navision ERP, connects data and information between all business sectors, and can easily be integrated with specialized software solutions. This ERP solution is implemented in over 100.000 companies and more than 30 countries across the globe. 

Take a look at what we can do for your business by applying suitable information tools and technologies.

How can we improve your business?

Streamline business practice

We implement efficient and transparent business processes across all sectors. Increase productivity and business process control.

Complete modular solution

Only use modules your business needs. Adjust number of users on monthly basis according to your current demand.

Simple integration

We can integrate third party apps fast and simple using web services and predefined APIs. Business Central is multilingual, which helps connect your business.

All devices and OS, wherever

Modern web interface combined with cloud ERP give you consistent experience on computer, tablet and mobile phone, wherever you are. Use Business Central on Win, Android or iOS systems.

Microsoft Office integration

Export data from Business Central to Excel or Word with a single click. Using Outlook add-in, you're able to inspect Business Central partner info in Outlook when contacted by e-mail.


We'll setup Business Central to give you all necessary information for efficient business management, and integrate Business Central with Microsoft Power BI tool for simple report customization and their use on all devices.

Croatian localization

With our Business Central extensions your business in Croatia will be in accordance to local laws and regulations. Specific everyday tasks are made simpler and faster.

Best practice implementation

Since Business Central is an international ERP solution, it uses proven best practice. Using its flexible architecture, we'll modify Business Central according to your specific needs.

We're using proven implementation method

Microsoft SureStep is a dependable implementation methodology with standardized project approach, which consists of the following steps:



Diagnostic takes place in a pre-sales phase. The goal of this step is to define project scope and budget, with particular focus on third party systems integrations. 


The purpose of analysis phase is to create a fit-gap document for each module. This means we'll compare every one of your business demands with Business Central ERP standard functionalities, and check if there's any need to modify Business Central to your specific needs.


During design phase, we'll create design documents for each module and reconcile it with your key users. Design documents describe into detail how each module will function in operation. Besides that, we'll create specifications of Business Central custom modifications (if they're needed), and establish test criteria.


In this phase we'll build and configure Business Central adjusted to your business. We'll also conduct custom features testing and key users training.



Deployment phase marks your transition to a new business management system: we'll create production environment, conduct final data migration and check if all key users are ready to use Business Central ERP on their own. Together with your key users, we'll conduct functional/feature testing of the solution and user acceptance test, to verify that all your business needs are covered.



You're using Business Central system on your own. In this phase we'll agree on duration and scope of your need for on-site and remote assistance. We'll close implementation project and start with continuous process improvement and feature upgrades, depending on growth and demands of your business.

Standard functionalities extensions

We developed our own modules which upgrade standard Business Central features
Business Central default production order locations custom upgrade modification extension for production
Automatic production order locations input

Our manufacturing extension makes it possible to define rules for automatic locations and location bins input in a simple way. This setup applies to production orders of all status. Download from Microsoft AppSource.

ERP Croatian retail Business Central module Croatia
Retail module for Croatia

Integrate your retail with Business Central ERP using our complete retail module for Croatia.

Business Central Croatia Croatian localization localisation package HR CRO
Croatian localization package

With our localization package, your business in Croatia is in accordance with Croatian laws. You have a detailed overview of all transactions, electronic communication with administrative and tax authorities, and everyday tasks common to Croatia are carried out in a fast and simple manner.

Would you like to try Business Central ERP?

To pick a suitable ERP solution is a complex task - we understand that. The best way for you to see if Business Central ERP will satisfy all your business demands is to try it in real life conditions. Take advantage of the opportunity to work in Business Central in known environment, before deciding on the complex step of ERP system implementation.

How does this work?


Populate migration tables

We'll agree on the basic set of your data and transfer it to Business Central: items, locations, customers, vendors, productions BOMs and routings - everything you need to get a known business environment. We'll send you Excel tables which you need to fill, and we'll do the rest. This data migration typically takes about 10 days.


Considering your demands, agreed migration data set and Business Central functionalities that you want to try, we'll send you a quotation with total price for Business Central trial. This way you know the exact cost of trying Business Central with your data.

Live workshops

We'll go through business processes of your interest together - no demo data, we're working with your real life data for the whole time. You can see immediately how Business Central works in your everyday business life.
On-line Business Central materials

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